Wheel Care

In order to keep the wheels looking best and lasting long, regular maintenance is required to prevent premature wear/damage of the wheel’s finish.

  • Wheels should be cleaned regularly in order to breakdown and remove contaminants such as brake dust, road debris, salts etc. If left untouched, the buildup of these elements may cause pitting in the finish.
  • Only use mild soap and water to wash your wheels. PH neutral wheel products are acceptable. Use of chemical products such as acidic detergents and degreasers will damage the wheel’s finish. 
  • Always allow the wheels to cool off after a drive before washing. Washing wheels while hot may cause damage to your wheel’s finish due to the drastic change in temperature.
  • Use a soft sponge or washing mitten to clean your wheels, avoid anything abrasive that may cause damage (stiff brushes, steel wool etc).
  • Waxes and ceramic coating can be used to prolong and strengthen the wheel’s finish. Please make sure that the product used will be safe for the wheels.
  • Do NOT use chrome polishes/cleaners on Vacuum finishes or machined lips. Vacuum wheels are not chrome plated and will be damaged if chrome polishes/cleaners are applied.
  • Use of our wheels is not recommended in winter, due to salts and deicers that is used on the roads. They are very corrosive and will damage the wheel’s finish. If used in winter, rinse wheels after each use and wash regularly with soap and water to prevent corrosion.

 If you have any questions, email us and we will gladly help you out!